Ambit Energy Featured in InBusiness Magazine

DALLAS, TX (October 29, 2007) - Ambit Energy, L.P., announced today that the company is the featured business in the inaugural issue of InBusiness, a magazine that offers ideas for home-based entrepreneurs. Published by PlusPublishing, this issue of InBusiness includes stories on the income opportunity afforded by energy deregulation in markets across the country, profiles of Ambit Energy’s top field leaders, and the company’s expansion from Texas into the New York market.

“Being featured in a third-party publication like InBusiness magazine is a great compliment to our business and gives our Consultants immense credibility when they’re out in the marketplace educating consumers that they can save money on their monthly energy bills,” said Ambit Energy Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Chambless. “More than that, it has been a great advertisement for the income opportunities available to entrepreneurs in deregulated energy markets.”

Said Ambit Energy Co-founder and CEO Jere Thompson, Jr., “We know every time one of our Consultants recommends Ambit Energy to their friends or family they are putting their reputations on the line, and our goal is to always be worthy of that trust. Our feature in InBusiness reinforces for our Consultants and their customers what it means to be part of the finest and most respected retail energy provider in the country.”

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Download the press release: Ambit Energy Featured in InBusiness Magazine