Ambit Launches Green-e Energy™ in Texas & New York

DALLAS, TX (October 29, 2007) - Ambit Energy, L.P., announced today it will begin offering environmentally friendly electricity rate plans to residential customers in Texas and New York. The company’s new green service offerings, called Ambit Certified Green plans, are certified by the Green-e Energy™ certification program to reduce the environmental impact of the energy used by Ambit Energy customers.

Ambit Energy Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Chambless said, “By offering green electricity products, we enhance the ability of our Consultants to provide service to customers in a growing market segment. And because we are Green-e certified, customers on our Ambit Certified Green plans can be confident that the energy use is better for the environment.”

“Consistent with our vision to become the finest and most respected retail energy provider in the country,” said Ambit Energy Co-founder and CEO Jere Thompson, Jr., “we continue to lead our industry by offering Ambit Certified Green plans at a price point in New York and Texas that is lower in most cases than even the standard green products offered by our competitors.”

About Green-e Energy™
Green-e Energy™ is the nation’s leading independent renewable energy certification and verification program. The logo provides an easy way for consumers to quickly identify environmentally superior energy options provided by certified renewable energy. More information about Green-e Energy™ can be found at

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