Small Commercial Customer Program Launched in Con Edison

Estimated 800,000 customers provided access to electricity and natural gas at cheaper rates

(NEW YORK) – Ambit Energy, one of the fastest-growing Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) in the state of New York, announced the recent launch of its small commercial service in the Con Edison Territory. The company has been offering its service to residential customers there since May 2007.

“Our new program will bring welcomed cost savings and benefits to small commercial enterprises in greater New York,” said Ambit Energy CEO and co-founder Jere W. Thompson, Jr. “We continue to take pride in identifying competitive opportunities and offering an alternative to electricity and natural gas consumers. Now, we are pleased to extend our offerings beyond the residential marketplace for the first time.”

With this launch, another option for electricity and natural gas is available to an estimated 800,000 small business customers in metropolitan New York. Customers will receive a seven percent discount below the incumbent provider’s published supply charge for the first two months. Additionally, they will receive a competitive monthly rate and a guaranteed annual savings, which is the same program Ambit’s independent sales consultants have been able to offer residential customers since 2007.

“Each time Ambit Energy expands its service for consumers to switch and save, we also provide our Independent Consultants with additional revenue opportunities,” said Ambit Energy CMO and co-founder Chris Chambless. “Our Independent Consultants – who have already made us one of the fastest-growing ESCO’s in New York - can now provide Ambit Energy’s services to an additional 800,000-strong marketplace.”

Those who switch to an Ambit Energy commercial account will receive all the same benefits residential customers enjoy, including a three-day/two-night voucher program for transferring their service. In addition, its free energy rewards program is available to all new customers, providing them the potential to earn free energy every month through customer referrals.

Download the press release: Small Commercial Customer Program Launched in Con Edison