Five Strategies for Growing Your Ambit Business

Posted by: Anna | 07/12/2016 at 09:00 AM

Five Strategies for Growing Your Ambit Business

More people choose to become Ambit Energy Consultants every day as part of their path to Financial Freedom. Whether you’re operating your business part-time or as your sole source of income, you want to be successful, effective and efficient with your time. Here are some helpful tips for achieving consistent success and staying engaged through the ups and downs that will come your way as an Ambit Energy Consultant.

Share the Ambit Story Every Day

Think about your “Why.” A family member, friend or mutual connection probably introduced you to the Opportunity to save on your utility bills and told you that you could help others do the same. You want to show others the product and why it’s superior to anything else on the market. You can also share public Ambit Energy reviews, so they can read about Independent Consultants who have had positive experiences.

Ambit Energy’s story is your story, so talk about how rewarding the experience has been for you. There’s no need to force your Ambit business into conversations. You can find good transitional points to tell others about what you’re doing. Share your goals and aspirations, and ask questions like, “What have you been up to lately?” or “Do you think you could be saving more money?” while out grabbing coffee or lunch with your co-workers, friends and family.

Set Monthly Goals

It may take time to grow your business because it’s built on personal relationships. This overwhelms most people, especially in our online social media era. However, setting goals, and understanding the amount of time you need to spend with people in order to be successful, helps ease the pressure. Take a look at your compensation plan and map out how many people you need to reach monthly through phone calls and presentations to meet your goals. Implement this strategy and you’ll realize that you’re not only reaching your goals, but also saving time in the process. That’s what allows you to spend more time doing what you love outside of work, such as vacations with your family or hitting the golf course. Goal setting is the way to sustain your business, as well as experience growth.

Listen to Others, Give Them a Solution

The Ambit story is powerful and can be used as a transition into talking about the Ambit Opportunity. Tell the story of how Ambit Energy was the solution to both your energy and lifestyle needs. You’re more likely to get others to join your business when the end result is a solution and not a product.

Be a Builder, Not a Recruiter

As an Ambit Energy Consultant, you’re not only building your own business, but you’re also in a position to help others build their businesses as well. People who are new to network marketing often make the key mistake of getting as many new people as they can to join their business monthly. You should reach as many people as you can monthly, but understand that for every new Consultant who joins your network, it’s important to be a mentor in the early stages of their business. Train them, answer questions, offer praise and constructive criticism, and be present as a guide when times are tough. This is one way to ensure your business grows consistently and you’re keeping quality people in your network.

Set Your Own Follow-Up Protocol

Pestering and nagging contacts to join Ambit Energy will obviously turn people off, but not following up is also a sure way to lose people who may have otherwise joined your business. Use the Lead Management Tool in PowerZone to touch base with your Consultants and prospective Consultants, track contacts and enter personal notes.

Listen to any contextual clues that people provide in their answers. While ‘yes’ tends to be a self-explanatory answer, ‘no’ might not be the end. If they indicate they’d be more interested later down the road, ask if you can set a follow-up date to call in the future. While a follow-up date isn’t a guarantee that someone will still be interested, you’re be able to maintain contact with them – and any chance is better than no chance at all. Even if they only agree to be a Customer, they’re helping you achieve your goals.

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