How to Boost Your Small Business with Live Video on Social Media

Posted by: Anna | 11/07/2016 at 09:30 AM

How to Boost Your Small Business with Live Video on Social Media

You’re always looking for new ways to share the Opportunity. But, sometimes it can be challenging to reach people in other locations without costly travel. Here are a few real-time video options on social media that can help with marketing your business and meeting your Consultants and Customers no matter their location.

Facebook Live

This live-stream video option gives you the chance to take advantage of your followers and Facebook friends. Facebook Live allows more information than a regular post and it’s an interactive format. It’s as easy as pushing one button from your mobile device or computer. Followers have the chance to subscribe to your videos, receive notifications of videos and watch automatically-saved videos from your timeline. Videos can be a maximum of four hours.

Instagram Stories

You can add a series of photos or temporary videos that create a gallery to your Instagram account. Or stream several videos and photos to tell a story. Videos expire after 24 hours, so keep it simple. Don’t worry about your video being lost among others. Your Stories appear at the top of followers’ feeds making it likely they’ll see yours.


Periscope is owned by Twitter, so you can leverage and build your Twitter followers with videos. Viewers’ comments appear on-screen during broadcast, so you can quickly answer questions or get feedback. Use it to practice your speaking or host live Q&A sessions.

These video options are free and it’s another way to market and share the Opportunity. Keep in mind the social media guidelines on PowerZone. The opportunities are endless on how to use these tools to expand your business.

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