How to Build Your Ambit Business at AMBITION

Posted by: Anna | 08/09/2016 at 09:00 AM

How to Build Your Ambit Business at AMBITION

Here are a few facts: MCs who attend AMBITION are five times more likely to promote to RC, and they do so an average of six months faster than those who don’t. And the “AMBITION Effect” holds true for other levels, too. So attending AMBITION is clearly a smart move. But how can you be sure you make the most of your AMBITION? Here are a few simple steps.

  • Socialize and Network – Sign up for golf, go to the Strike Out Hunger event, participate in the Carnival Game Night. Talk to people, from the newest MC to the most experienced NC. Everyone has good ideas, and sharing your insights helps you rethink what works best.
  • Shop Around – Visit the Ambit Store in the Energy Center for great promotional items you can use, from business cards to apparel. No matter what your budget, you’ll find the right tools to build your business.
  • When They Talk, Listen– We’ve got some great speakers for this AMBITION. Make sure you attend the General Session, Intensified Training Session and Leadership Training Session. Many of you will also be able to attend Funny Business—The Power of Laughter.
  • The Big Show – Show up for The Big Show on Saturday. That’s when we make game-changing announcements about Ambit’s future—it’s your chance to get a head start on great new Ambit opportunities.
  • Business Building Booths– Learn about business opportunities and ways to raise your profile in the community by checking out these booths in the Energy Center.

Of course, AMBITION is also about having fun, too. Make sure you enjoy yourself at all our great events, and take a little time to take in some of the great shopping, dining and entertainment Dallas has to offer. You may find that you’re soaking up great information, building up your business network and discovering new opportunities without even trying.

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