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Set Your Course for Success: Small Business Checkup

Posted by: Javier Vilchis | 05/20/2018 at 03:38 PM

The last quarter of the calendar year is quickly approaching, meaning now is the time to make a push to get your profits on the rise for 2019. Run through this business checklist to learn how to finish 2018 strong and set yourself up to shine in 2019.

Review reports from the first three quarters
You’ll need to take a look at your growth or decline over recent months to determine the direction of your business in the future. Are you still making phone calls and reaching out on the days you’ve set aside for talking to potential Customers or Consultants? Have you made all your planned follow-ups? Do you know how close you are to your next promotion? How long has it been since you updated your contact list?

Review your reports in PowerZone to see if you need to review the Opportunity with a connection again. Think of how life-changing the end of the year can be for both of you! Check your status in PowerZone to see where you and your Consultants are on the promotion track and make specific plans to move forward together.

Assessing these items will give you a clearer picture of how your business has grown, and areas in which your business might need improvement as you prepare for 2019.

Identify an area of improvement - and improve it!
Small business owners get overwhelmed often. Staying on top of current tasks for yourself, your Consultants and Customers means continuing education moves to the back-burner. Here is your reminder to dedicate time to learning how to improve a problem area of your business.

Even just one or two hours a week of new learning leads to significant improvement. Enroll in a low-cost online course, consult with your upline regularly or take advantage of all the free business information available online. Check out other Ambit Energy articles for small business success. Most importantly, attend as many Ambit events as possible. The time spent at AMBITION 2018 can set your course for the entire year! Check out how much fun we had and what we learned, here. You’ll also want to be sure to register for Simulcast 2019, the next all-Ambit event on Saturday, January 12.

Use your new business insight for a successful final quarter
Renewed business insight, paired with educational growth in specific areas, puts you well on your way to implementing smart changes for the next quarter and all of 2019. Changes that can lead to increased success for you and your whole team.

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