Stay Social with Ambit Energy

Posted by: Anna | 09/20/2016 at 09:00 AM

Stay Social with Ambit Energy

Like many businesses, Ambit understands the importance of a strong social media presence in today’s digital era. Social media allows the company to connect with its Customers, Consultants, employees and express itself as a company—and it can reach its audience anywhere they want to get information. Each platform Ambit Energy uses is a little different, while still conveying the same message about the company’s care for the community, desire to help people save on energy and to help people achieve financial independence.

Beyond that, social media allows you to get involved and help share the Ambit Opportunity to people in your own network. Think of how many conversations you’ve had over different topics through social media. We invite you to connect with Ambit on each of these platforms so you can continue conversations about what makes Ambit Energy so special.


Probably the most popular and well-known of all platforms, Facebook allows you to get involved in conversations in a variety of ways. Like Ambit’s page and begin following the action. Like the posts you enjoy, comment with your feedback and share anything you’d like your followers to see. You can message the company directly and also post on its wall. Ambit Energy posts the latest announcements from the company, new articles on The Spark blog, photos, videos, dates for the latest Ambit events and more. You’re sure to stay in the loop on Facebook.


Twitter is easily the best site for receiving organic updates in real time. Favorite tweets from Ambit, retweet and quote company tweets and tag friends, family and anyone else in any tweets you want them to see. Tweet back at Ambit, too! The company’s social team is ready to respond to any questions you might have about Ambit Energy.


Think of Instagram as Twitter with pictures. Again, it’s real time, but Instagram focuses on communicating a brand message through pictures instead of just words. Give Ambit a follow, comment on its photos, tag other friends in photos or send the company a direct message if you would like.


Think of Google+ as combining the best of a search engine and social media platform. Overall, you’ll notice elements of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest on Google+. If you have a Google account, you’ll be able to access Google+ to create a user profile and experience everything the platform has to offer. Join “Circles” based on your interests and hobbies, stream updates from specified circles on your dashboard and Hangout with other users through chat or video stream. Follow Ambit Energy on Google+ to meet Consultants and Customers who have Ambit in their circles.


Ambit has a lot of fun on YouTube. On the company’s channel, you’ll find a variety of videos about all things Ambit. Scroll through our list of videos individually or visit the playlists tab to see videos divided into categories. Check out previous AMBITION videos, training guides, tutorials, Consultant testimonies, Ambit Cares recaps, messages from the Co-Founders and more. Subscribe to Ambit’s channel to receive notifications about the latest videos.


Launched in March 2010 by founder Ben Silbermann, Pinterest is a platform operating through photo sharing, almost like a digital bulletin board. Silbermann has stated that he sees the platform operating as a “catalog of ideas” as opposed to a traditional social network, where he wants to inspire users to go out and do what interests them. With 12 different boards and 423 pins, Ambit Energy’s board will help you find inspiration and joy across a number of areas in life. Follow Ambit’s Pinterest boards today!


LinkedIn is an excellent platform for businesses and professionals alike. When creating a profile, you have access to a personal resume and portfolio to highlight your experience. Ambit Energy has its own business profile with almost 14,000 followers. Become a premium member of the site and receive expanded insights into business pages such as employee distribution by department, growth rates, leadership changes and additions, and trends in hiring. Find new career opportunities based on your experience and interests, and join groups based around career, industry, professional groups or the college you attended. LinkedIn truly allows Ambit to be transparent in a growing retail energy market. We hope you’ll connect with the company and use the platform as a way to grow your brand as an Ambit Energy Consultant.

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