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These Appliances are Using the Most Electricity in Your Home this Summer

Posted by: Javier Vilchis | 04/16/2021 at 09:53 AM

These Appliances are Using the Most Electricity in Your Home this Summer

These Appliances are Using the Most Electricity in Your Home this Summer

If you want to reduce your electricity use, less is more when it comes to running the appliances in your home. Understanding which appliances use the most electricity and knowing how to optimize their use can go a long way, especially during the summertime heat. Our appliance guide will help you find savings on your home’s biggest electricity users.

High Electricity Users

High Electricity Users

Air Conditioning

  • During the summer, your A/C is the biggest energy user in your home.
  • Turn up your thermostat by 4 degrees when it’s hot outside to use up to 20% less electricity.
  • Remember to replace your air filter every two to three months for maximum efficiency.

Water Heater

  • It doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, a water heater is always necessary to keep your home comfortable.
  • Lowering it to 120 degrees will help reduce energy usage.
  • If you’re away from your home for days or weeks, simply turn it off.
  • Reduce your shower time and wash clothes in cold water to help save.
Medium Electricity Users

Medium Electricity Users

Lighting and Home Entertainment

  • They’re draining your energy even when turned off.
  • The sun is nature’s light, use it whenever you can.
  • Use a power strip for electronics and turn it off when you’re not using it.
  • Install LED bulbs wherever you can. Up to 80% more efficiency can go a long way.

Refrigerator and Dryer

  • There are ways to keep your food cold and clothes dry in a more efficient manner.
  • Keep your fridge’s temperature between 35 and 38 degrees and freezer at zero degrees.
  • Clean the fridge coils and back of your refrigerator monthly.
  • Hanging clothes or laying them flat to dry worked for our ancestors, and it can for you, too.
Low Electricity Users

Low Electricity Users

Ceiling Fans and Cooking Appliances

  • Though they may not use much energy, every little bit counts when it comes to saving.
  • Change the fan direction to run counterclockwise to help create a downdraft.
  • Keep it running while your away.
  • Try cooking outside as much as possible to keep the heat from building from your stove or oven.
Low Electricity Users

Low Electricity Users

Pool and Hot Tub

  • Owners will understand the high energy they use, but there are ways to conserve.
  • Use an automatic timer on the pool pump to ensure maximum usage.
  • Check the filters for clogs and other buildup.
  • Always turn your hot tub heater off when not in use.

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